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Stassen Haus is known for taking students who are at the bottom of their class and helping them to become some of the top performing students. With proven methods and fantastic instructors, we instill a sense of academic confidence into every student who enters our facilities.

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We Are The Premiere Tutoring Service In The World Offering Students A Change To Turn Things Around When They Get Out Of Control

Second chances are not given, but they are learned. This is something that we honestly believe at Strassen Hause. If you walk into one of our sessions thinking that things are just going to start getting better for you, you are sadly mistaken. You will have to earn a higher grade in your class, one of our instructors will just help the process go a lot smoother.

Best Instructors In The Area And Arguably In The Entire Country

In school, hard work is inefficacious without proper counsel. As a student who is struggling you need an instructor who can help you fully understand the subject. You cannot do that on your own which is exactly why we give you the opportunity to work with certified tutors who care about your progression as a scholar.

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We offer several packages so that you can choose the one that is most ideal for you.

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Head of Tutor Acquisitions, Sophia Miller is in charge of finding trustworthy students for you to work with during your sessions. With a Doctorate of Education and years of experience as a principal, she knows what it takes to hire the right tutors. Her coveted interview process, which she created, has only allowed the very best tutors to work with Strassen Haus.

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President of Client Relations, Marker Sam has been working in the tutoring industry for almost three decades. He started off as a tutor after graduating with a Master’s Degree in English. Now he uses his knowledge of the industry to make sure students are matched with the best tutors for their needs. His system has a ninety percent match rate with a satisfaction guarantee.

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CEO and founder of Strassen Haus, Harry Smith started the company after working with several poor tutors during his time in law school. He was sick of being lied to and matched with tutors who had no idea of what they were doing. So he founded the company out of his dorm room and it has now spread all across the country. A true visionary, philanthropist and scholar. He wants to help students better themselves without having to pay a fortune.

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